• Richard Bateman

Start of a Video Game Dev Journey

After about two weeks of late night coding sessions, I put together a "Version 0.0.0" skeleton of my dice-throwing rpg idea. I've been having fun tinkering with games for years, and I have a long string of failed 2% complete projects under my belt :)

For awhile I've had a game idea inspired from Magic the Gathering, and dice-throwing games like Bang!, King of Tokyo. It was important to me to put together a skeleton that had a bare minimum functionality - so I could better envision the end product.

My real goal is I just want to engage with the game development community, meet other developers, have a chill time, and have some fun coding experiences on the way. I would love it if I could get my game to a really playable, enjoyable state!

Feel free to check out my YouTube video for it!

I'm also on the Twitter:

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